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If you check my website you can see that I have a lot graphic stuff posted. Some of it was for clients, mostly pro bono work, (that means free). The rest was stuff that I did for my own satisfaction and other stuff for College. My friends saw some of my work and said I should try and sell it. This sparked an interest in me and so I began the very long process on how to sell Art, Photos and Graphics. There are a ton of ways to do this, which I discovered quite quickly, (Thanks to technology and the internet), but it became daunting and confusing.

That’s when I remembered something that I had signed up for back in 2007. It was a website that allowed you to upload images (Photos, Paintings, Drawings etc.) and “create” products on a virtual online store. Customers would browse the store choose a product and purchase it. The company took care of everything, and I mean everything. Order processing, shipping and even returns.

For every sale that was made, you received a commission. Not a huge commission but commission never the less. Anywhere from 20 cents to $10 or more depending on the product and the selling price.

Which made a lot of sense.

Why go through the hassle of order processing, shipping and returns? I am more than happy to make a small commission on every sale and have all that stuff taken care of.


Because once you have “created” your products, you don’t have to do anything else other than promote, and promoting is the easy part.

So back in 2007 I looked at this “Virtual Online Store”, created a few products and promptly forgot about it.

Then something interesting happened.

I made a sale.

Somebody purchased a greeting card that I created from one of my photos.

I made the huge commission of 32 cents.

Not much, but I was amazed and excited all at the same time. So I decided to head back to the online store and see what was new. It was incredible.

What had started out as a way to “create” postcards and prints from your uploads, had grown to hundreds of different products.

Then I made another sale. This time 16 cents commission.

Then people started joining my fan club.

This was the spring of 2009. Around then I was dabbling in to making money online. And that’s when it hit me, why not help people sell their Photos online. I realized that lots of people have photos on their hard drive. Vacation, hiking in the woods, pet pictures etc..

Why not show people how to “Create” products and make some extra money.

So I created a new online product called “Sell Your Photos Online”

You can probably manage to do it on your own. You may or may not make money.

What my program will help you do, is, Get an edge on everyone else.

I have put all my artistic knowledge into this program to help you create a better picture, how to color correct a picture. This is something that must be done before a picture is processed for any print media. (Bet you didn’t know that) and lots of other simple things that will make your photo “pop” off the page.


So that’s the history of my product “Sell Your Photos Online”.


all the best,

Paul Phillips



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