So I wrote a book

I remember a good friend of mine Violette Malan once told me that out of 100 people that are interested in writing a book, only one person actually finishes. It took me just over 5 years to complete, but it is finally done.

So what do you do after you have finished?

I did a lot of research on how to get published and boy there is a plethora of information to wade through. I found out about Vanity publishing, Self publishing, and traditional publishing.

So what is the best route?

I think traditional publishing is what most aspiring writers aim for, but as I found out, that is like winning the lottery. But that is not to say I am against traditional publishing. That is my preferred route.

In order to get published with a publisher you can do one of two things. Send your manuscript to the publisher for evaluation (most do not accept manuscripts) or you can find a literary agent.

The process on submitting to an agent takes a little work but is very necessary in order to get your information on to their desk. Most literary agents receive hundreds of query letters a week, so they usually have very specific requirements on how to submit any information to them. If you stray even slightly, your email will be sent to the trash never to have been read.

I am continually submitting to agents, with no luck so far, but I still push forward.

This last month I made the decision to self-publish.

The reason for this was two fold. All my friends and family have been bugging me for years to read my book and I had a hard time just sending them a word document. So I figured by self publishing I could actually give them a hard copy and in the process, hopefully get a half decent and honest review of the book.

Happily to say three or four have read the book and have given rave reviews. I know it doesn’t really count, especially for family members, as I can do no wrong in their eyes… 🙂

When I get a publishing deal I will obviously remove my book from Lulu, but in the mean time,

Book one “The Tulaghaos Prophecy” is available on and is located here

There is a bit of a stigma attached to self-publishing or vanity-publishing as some people call it, and of course I have my own opinions, which I might address some day in a later post.

So I will leave it at that for now.