The Tulaghaos Prophecy


After more than five years in the making, The Tulaghaos Prophecy is now availble for purchase until I get a publishing deal. Here is your chance to have a first look.

Book one follows Wizard Bartholemew Michaels as he deals with the mistakes he has made on planet earth and how he must fight for his survival.


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The Tulaghaos Prophecy


Wizard Bartholomew Michaels has been hiding on earth for far too long. His quiet uncomplicated life is thrown into turmoil when he is discovered by his nemesis, Valarc.

Bartholomew has to flee earth while trying to protect the artifact he was charged with and his granddaughter, Donelle, who is unaware of the power she possesses and the secret truth of her past childhood.

He quickly realizes that he is outwitted, at a political disadvantage and is powerless against the wizard’s council. The only hope for the survival of earth and all of mankind is for Donelle to embrace her newfound power stand up and take charge.

The only problem is that Donelle just wants to go home to her safe and settled life.


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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